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We have made goalkeping equipment one of the core elements of our collection since the company began way back in the 1970s. We have experience of the original cane and leather protection and have moved with the times, through various modifications and innovations to now offer some of the most protective, lightest weight, highest rebound items available anywhere. Used from junior / beginner level all the way through to Olympic performance standards, Mercian goalkeeping can match both your need but also your ‘want’.

The Elite range of goalkeeping foam is the highest specification range that we have ever made. Using UK made foam and completely manufactured in the UK too, we have complete control of every stage of the process to create the highest levels of performance equipment. Worn by ‘keepers across the world at Elite levels including senior World Cups and Olympic Games.

The Elite range items are made from Low-density (LD) and MP foams. A foam’s density is classified by kilograms per cubic meter, Average densities for sports equipment are 33 / 45 and 60.  You need to use the relevant foam in the relevant area to create the optimum levels of protection and rebound. Four different levels of foam are cut and moulded together using heat and pressure. No resins / glues are used so there is no chance of foam layers delaminating which can be seen in products that do use resins. The final, new feature is that the outer ‘skin’ on the foam is now retained, in the past it had been stripped away. This means that the surface friction is reduced, helping sliding and smothering

The Evolution Pro range has been designed with a flatter front face to the legguards and a higher interlocking tongue on the kickers. Potentially for ‘keepers transitioning from TK and Brabo equipment. The three strap legguards secure firmly to the leg, with the bottom strap then interlocking with the extended tongue on the kickers to minimise twisting and therefore presenting the maximum size saving surface to the ball as much as possible. The kickers and gloves offer the same protection as the Elite range with multiple foam laminates creating the optimum level of protection and rebound. The extended tongue on the kicker is designed to not only ‘lock’ with the legguards, but also fill the small air pocket that usually sits in front of the ankle. By filling that pocket it increases lower leg rebound and helps with ‘save / clear’ techniques.

The Genesis 0.1 and 0.2 ranges match up with the Cloud and Yahoo ranges from OBO – we recognise their place in the market as the most dominant brand – but we believe that the Gen 0.1 and 0.2 respectively offer the same protection levels and rebound but also give a weight advantage and potentially a cost one too!! Made in the UK from locally manufactured foam with heat and pressure creating a fabulous bond between laminates – these sets offer fantastic performance for all intermediate goalkeepers. Available in Small (Gen 0.2), Medium and Large, the foam is heat sensitive so moulds to the hand, leg and foot shape of the individual ‘keeper over time creating a truly personalised set of equipment.

The Genesis 0.3 range of foam is our introductory / beginner line, although it is available in 4 sizes to also cater for the taller / larger footed beginner – the set sizes are Mini, X-Small, Small and Medium. As per the higher specification ranges, the Genesis 0.3 sets are made using British foams in the UK with heat and pressure bonding. This is important for durability as foams that are not heat reactive need to be bonded using resin (glue) and this can fail in low temperatures (gets brittle and cracks) or high temperatures (starts to dissolve) – both of which can be experienced in any hockey season. The perfect bonds then means that the energy transfer characteristics can be maintained, giving strong clearances. The correctly placed foam plates then can also offer the correctly positioned protection whilst maintaining mobility. The optimal combination of the charateristics needed by the modern junior keeper.

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