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We have always valued the partnerships that we have created across the hockey world. Working with like minded individuals and organisations adds value to all the parties concerned, staff can select social projects that they want us to be involved with and organisations can approach us to explore concepts that could be mutually beneficial.



An innovative and forward-thinking company delivering hockey specific fitness programmes for individuals, clubs and other institutions around the world. A network of head coaches in a growing number of countries across the world oversee both the bespoke programmes and a sponsored athlete team to ensure the highest quality information is developed and delivered by the best placed people. We are proud to partner with them, supporting their equipment needs with Mercian products and in association with our network of Hockey Centre stores.


Surrey Hockey Association

Goalkeeper programme

Mercian MD Simon Mason uses his national and international (3 Olympic Games and @ 200 international caps) to design and deliver the Surrey Hockey Association GK coaching programme. With Surrey HA running a junior development programme covering approximately 1500 junior athletes every year, the goalkeeping element is of huge importance. Simon designs the technical training programme and delivers it in conjunction with the Team Mercian goalkeeping group, including special guest appearances from current international keepers, to develop the skills and knowledge of every keeper within the programme.


Spekboom Project

Mercian is aware of the environmental effects of composite stick production, transportation and disposal. Changes have been made in the processes to recognise and reduce this impact. But, some processes, such as recycling of end of life sticks doesn’t technically exist at this point. Mercian has partnered with Windhoek Gymnasium School to create a Spekboom plantation on the school property. The Spekboom shrub is incredibly good at absorbing carbon and has been compared to the Amazon rainforest in that regard.

Products Online

Evolution CKF55

The Evolution CKF55 is a 55% carbon model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed in multi-direction laminate sheets (creates strength in all directions)

Evolution CKF65

The Evolution CKF65 is a 65% carbon lay-up model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed in multi-direction laminate sheets  across a (25%) fibreglass skeleton.

Evolution CKF75

The Evolution CKF75 is a 75% carbon lay-up model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed across a (15%) fibreglass skeleton giving good touch and feel with the (10%) Kevlar increasing durability, stiffness and laminate bonding.


It’s important to us as a specialist retailer in a different country to the brand’s base that they understand different markets and the player’s demands. With their long term presence in the hockey ‘world’ Mercian’s knowledge helps them create a truly global collection – Savage Field Hockey (USA)

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