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Quite simply, the quality of the raw materials used in production has a massive impact on the quality of our sticks. The quality of the resins is also vital, sticks are made of multiple laminates (layers) of materials and the resins that bond them together can account for up to 40% of the sticks actual end weight, so it has to be very high quality. Our factory blends its own resins using imported raw materials, not relying on local market products, but identifying the chemical properties of the materials in every model of stick and perfectly blending the resin to ensure as near to perfect bonds as possible. The nano-polymer resins that we now use are not only blended but contain tiny rubber particles that melt during the manufacturing process, making this bonding ‘glue’ even stickier and increasing laminate bonding – great for strength, stiffness and durability.

We then pride ourselves on the experience of the craftsmen in the factory. Workers in industrial cities such as Sialkot move around factories based on the volume of work available, this is most relevant in the biggest factories where production volume changes have massive impacts on work force shift. We continue to work (by choice) in a smaller factory, controlling the quality of materials but more importantly also benefitting from a constant workforce. With some employees being with our factory for over twenty years we benefit from that knowledge and experience. With the quality of a stick sometimes reliant on something as simple as the accurate (+ / – 5mm) placement of carbon laminates, this quality craftmanship is vital to the technical quality of our sticks.

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Genesis GK Travel Bag

A superb alternative to the wheeled GK bag. Reinforced Rucksack style straps make this bag easy to carry to and from the pitch.

Genesis One Bag

This large players holdall has an increased internal capacity. A conventional rear stick pocket can hold up to 8 sticks, new padded panels and shaped dual straps then give a comfortable carrying positon.

Genesis Three Bag

Intermediate volume stick bag, capable of holding 2 sticks with a front pocket to hold a water bottle or shinguards. A padded back strap and top carrying handle provide the technical elements,


Having a ‘real’ relationship with your sponsor gives you confidence in the equipment. I feel they want the best for me on a pitch and that includes providing me with the very best equipment. Leah Wilkinson – Wales & GB (Tokyo 2021)

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